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The Birth of the Veterans Memorial

Jefferson Township Veterans MemorialIt was February 2004 when the Board members of the Jefferson Township Historical Society had a vision for a Veterans Memorial in Eldersville. They owned property where a Memorial could be built. There was a Jefferson Township Honor Roll in front of the former Eldersville Grade School. The Honor Roll was dedicated in the middle of World War II and listed only the veterans who had served up to that time. The names of the other veterans who served from 1943 until the end of World War II were not on the Honor Roll. The original Honor Roll was wood and surrounded by a sandstone wall. It contained 137 names of Jefferson Township Veterans, but the wood section of the Honor Roll was deteriorated. A decision was made by the Board to erect a new Veterans Memorial on its property at the corner of Cedar Grove Road and Fire Road. Fundraising was started with letters going to everyone in the Township.

The original contract to erect a new Veterans Memorial was signed on April 4, 2005 with Wayne Greer of Gaydos Monument in Canonsburg, PA. Fundraising continued and research was done to come up with over 1100 names of Veterans who had lived in Jefferson Township to be engraved in the granite of the new Monument. On June 17, 2006 the Jefferson Township Veterans Memorial was dedicated completely paid for by the contributions received.

The Board considered moving the old Monument in front of the Grade School to the new site. It decided that the original Monument was in too bad of condition to move it. Instead, they agreed to have a new Monument erected. Rock of Ages in Wintersville, Ohio designed and erected a second Monument. A sketch of the original Monument was engraved in the granite of this new Monument. This Monument was dedicated on Memorial Day, Monday, May 26, 2008.

The Historical Society holds Ceremonies at the Veterans Memorial Site on Memorial Day, 911 and Veterans’ Day. Many people visit the Memorial throughout the year to remember or honor their loved ones who have served our country.

911 Memorial Service The annual 911 Memorial Service will be held on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 11 at 3:00 pm at the Veterans Memorial Site, Cedar Grove Road in Eldersville, PA.  We are pleased to have an amazing lineup for the program.  Our program this year will be honoring all those who lost their lives and we will dedicate this service to all the WORKING DOGS of 911.  We will have the Weirton Police Department K-9 Unit who will put on a demonstration of their K-9 unit.  We have Allegheny Mountain Search and Rescue Group coming.  There will be 13 members in attendance from their group plus they will have 10 dogs with them.  They will have a person available to speak about how important the work of these dogs and handlers are.  We also have Animal Friends Therapets coming. In attendance from their group will be Stephanie Thompson (dog Maddie) speaking about what therapy dogs do.  Also in attendance from their group will be Rebekah (dog Rosie), Kathryn Bort (dog Dempsey), and Retta Flagg (dog Katie).  The Red Cross speaker will be Pauline Amaismeier Red Cross Volunteer.  We will have Senator Camera Bartolotta in attendance and to speak.   Emma Gragan will be on hand to sing for us once again.  Betty Smith will be doing sign language during the program.  We will have Bag Piper Colin Searfoss Smith coming.  We are anticipating a large crowd.  If anyone has lawn chairs, please bring them for yourself as we may have limited seating. 

Please stay for refreshments after the program at the Jefferson Township Fire Hall. This program has been organized by Diane Huggins.  If you have any suggestions for her, please call her at 724 947 9782.

Veteran's Memorial

Jefferson Township MemorialShown is the Monument that sits to the left of the big JTHS Veteran's Memorial in Eldersville.  Etched in the granite is a replica of the original Veterans Memorial that was in front of the Eldersville Grade School.  Following is the text that is engraved in the Monument:

This artist’s rendering depicts the original Jefferson Township Honor Roll erected in front of the Eldersville Elementary School.  The Honor Roll was dedicated on July 18, 1943.  The Dedication coincided with the presentation of the Gold Star Medal to the Family of George Yanick killed while serving our country.

Jefferson Township MemorialThe original Honor Roll was wood and surrounded by a sandstone wall.  It contained 137 names of Jefferson Township veterans.  The wood section of the Honor Roll deteriorated.

By the end of World War II there were over 485 men and women who served our country.  All of the Veterans names have been engraved in granite on the Veterans Monument erected on this site and dedicated on June 17, 2006.

Photo to the left shows a close up of the artist’s rendering depicting the first monument that was erected in front of the grade school.

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